About Us

FL Smart Systems focus on getting to know you, and your lifestyle, ensures we can deliver an Audio/Video “experience” centered on your personal tastes and priorities. An automated environment for your home or business that provides the functionality you need, while delivering a truly enjoyable experience.

Why Use FL Smart Syatems: 

We know that FL and home automation systems are “lifestyle” items that should be simple and reliable to operate every time.  Today’s constantly changing technologies make it harder and harder to operate even a basic home theater in a box system.  Let FL Automation design a system specifically tailored for you and your family.  Our FL system design and installation experts can make sure that you get all of the functions you want in an easy to understand and operate system.


We offer an unrivaled assortment of the world’s most respected brands of audio, video, and automation components.  Our brands of equipment have been carefully selected not only for their incredible performance, but also for their unmatched value.  We proudly offer products from SavantParadigmMcIntoshSonus FaberTriadSim2PanamorphScreen InnovationsTotem AcousticQuest AcousticsLutron, and many many more.


Distributed Audio & Video

Entertain your friends and family with ease, all while keeping the equipment out-of-sight and out-of-mind. Imagine the big game on all TVs for the adults, ‘Kids Bop’ music by the pool for the kids, and central control of it all in the palm of your hand. Say goodbye to confusing AV systems with a Savant “Smart” system thoughtfully configured by AV Automation to provide simple, reliable, and straightforward use of your favorite audio and video sources (iTunes, Pandora, Sirius XM, Spotify, TuneIn Radio, and many more).

Home Theater

From 5.1 surround sound in a multi-purpose room to a Reference Level 9.2 THX Certified screening room… let our certified staff design a room and system custom-tailored to your every desire. With decades of experience ranging from room acoustic analysis and calibration to theatrical product development (our founder created the famed ‘Black Diamond projection screen by Screen Innovations), there is no team in Central Texas with more home cinema expertise. From seating and decor to hidden acoustic treatments, we can work hand in hand with your architect and interior designer to provide the room of your dreams.


Planning Ahead

A little planning goes a long way whether you are a die hard audiophile wanting a 20 seat custom home cinema, or just want background music that does not distract from your traditional Tuscan interior. We proudly coordinate with your architect, builder, and interior designer to ensure that your finished home is everything you’ve been dreaming of. From space planning for optimal system performance, room flow, and functionality to project management that keeps things on track and on budget, our goals are to be thorough in planning and precise in execution.

Products and Methods

Striking the perfect balance between performance and appearance requires the right mix of products and expertise. Our system design and installation staff can help you achieve that balance with the proper selection and implementation of products like: TVs hidden behind mirrors or motorized artwork: custom sized and finished speakers designed to blend perfectly into their surroundings: lifts to conceal projectors, screens, TVs, and speakers: even completely invisible flat speakers that are installed perfectly flush with the sheetrock, textured, and painted right over!


Your Home: One System

Imagine pressing one ‘Goodnight’ button when you go to bed and the lights fade to off, shades close, every TV and speaker shuts down, the temperature is set, and the security system is armed. A well-integrated home control system allows you to live life more simply and efficiently. Intelligent communication from one system to the next helps your home feel like one harmonious environment working in unison instead of a mixture of separate and uncoordinated devices.

Living Green: Energy & Cost Management

Whether you are looking to save money or Mother Earth, managing your energy use and production is not just a trendy choice, it’s a wise one. It all begins with monitoring energy in a simple-to-understand way. Once you have this information, what do you do with it? In addition to modifying behaviours that waste energy, we recommend several of the ‘Smart Home’ functions listed below. These help you save energy automatically without adding tasks to your already busy life.

Simplicity and Reliability are Vital

Regardless of how many features your system has, our top two goals are always ease-of-use and absolute reliability. Utilizing Savant’s True Image technology, you can use a photo of each room to control it. Touch the light and it turns on. Touch the TV or thermostat and you’re in control of that function. Nothing could be easier. When it comes to reliability we select our brands of equipment carefully and offer rigorous safeguards like safe-healing networks and remote service access, providing years of use with virtually no upkeep hassles.

What is a ‘Smart Home’?

The term “smart home”refers to much more than unified control or an app for your thermostats. A truly smart home constantly monitors different variables, and then responds in ways you have decided are helpful to you and your family. Some examples are listed here, but the possibilities are endless:

  • Lighting that turns on automatically when you enter a room or off when the room becomes vacant

  • Westward facing shade that close 5 hours before sunset to reduce heat gain and air conditioning costs, and then re-open 15 minutes before sunset to let you capture the moment

  • Thermostats that switch from heat to cool and adjust the temp based on the actual temperature outside your home, keeping you comfortable while saving you money

  • Shades that close automatically when you turn on the TV to reduce glare

  • Temporarily muting whole-house music when the doorbell rings or you page the family to dinner

  • Automatic “electronic curfews” for the kids room

  • Dimming all the lights by 10% and adjusting the thermostats by 2 degrees if your energy consumption gets too high

  • Emailing your alternative energy service provider to come clean your solar panels or service your system if energy production falls below normal


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Amy R. – Full Home Automation & Theater

This home features a 7.1 Home theater showcasing Anthem, Screen Innovations Black Diamond, Panamorph anamorphic lens, and more. A full Savant home automation system controls lighting by Lutron, HVAC by Aprilaire, motorized shades, security system, and of course multiple zone distributed audio and video.

Brian C. – Full Home Automation & Theater

Featured in Luxe Magazine, Electronic Lifestyles Magazine, and more, this stunning custom home by Bercy Chen Architecture, Spencer Construction, and AV Automation features a full complement of Savant home automation: Simple control from Apple iPad and iPhone of all systems; Multi-zone Distributed Audio and Video; and Automation of the following systems: HVAC, Draperies, Shades, Lights, Pool, Intercom, Gate Control, Water Features, Garage Door control, and Surveillance.

Greg S. – Theater Acoustics Galore

This is a game room to full blown Home Theater conversion. False walls were added for improved sound isolation. A complete Quest Acoustic Lens custom designed acoustic panel system hidden behind Guilford of Maine acoustically transparent fabric made this otherwise very “resonant” room an absolutely great sounding room. 7.2 Speaker system by Totem Acoustic with Anthem amplification and a Black Diamond screen.


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New Construction & Remodel Pre-Wiring

Thoughtful wiring of desired functionality ensures greater reliability, speed, and security than wireless technology. With the increasing demand for streaming media and data, this is crucial.

Home Theater/Media Room Design

Let our THX certified staff plan your perfect theater room through detailed dimensional analysis, seating and speaker placement, screen size and more…

Networking/WiFi & Remote

We design, install, and configure high-quality wired and wireless networks, providing optimal speed, security, reliability, and secure remote access to all of your home’s systems.

Pool & Spa Control

Easily control water features, temperature, and filtration directly from your home automation system or mobile device to simply operate and reduce energy consumption.

Room Acoustic Treatment

Properly planned and placed acoustic elements can have a greater impact on sound quality than upgrading speakers, and usually at a lower cost. They can either be shown off or…

Intercom/Phone Systems

Home phone, cell phone, intercom… all of these separate systems can be complicated to use. We can integrate all of these into one coordinated and easy-to-use system.

Energy Management

Energy monitoring and automation help you understand and optimize both your energy usage and production (solar, wind, etc.) to reduce the cost of running your home and your impact…

Audio and Video Calibration

Professional certifications in both audio and video calibration, combined with cutting edge analysis equipment help us ensure that you are getting peak performance from all of your equipment.

Surveillance/Access Control

want to keep an eye on the kids, know who’s at the front door, or what’s going on while you’re away? We offer complete indoor/outdoor camera systems plus gate, garage, and door lock controls.

Lighting Automation

Advance lighting control options promote ease-of-use while scene-based automation ensures art and architecture are properly accented while spaces remain cozy and intimate… all at the touch of a button.

Distributed Audio & video

Whether you’re entertaining friends or just cleaning up around the house, centrally accessed music, TV, and movies male life more fun! Let us show you how to do this while hiding all the equipment.

Alarm System Integration

Let us integrate your security alarm into the same control system you use for everything else. This results in simpler control, one less interface to understand, and fewer devices cluttering up your walls.

Climate Control

Heating and air conditioning are the largest contributors to comfort and energy use. Our HVAC control systems optimize ease of use and can even replace thermostats and paintable flush-mounted sensors.

Cellular Boosting

Poor cell reception? We can help. Our cellular boosting systems are FCC approved, visually discreet, and work with almost any carrier. Once installed, there are no hassles or monthly subscription fees.

Our Process

Planning & System Design: In this critical phase we work with you to determine the ideal combination of equipment and functionality. every system is custom tailored to your specific wants, needs, and budget. We begin with a ‘Scope of Work’ document and modify it until you are satisfied that we fully understand all of your goals. We then provide a fixed quotation with itemized equipment and labor, ensuring complete clarity of both functionality and cost.

Installation, Programming, and Calibration: We go to great lengths to guarantee maximum reliability and performance of everything we do. Our highly trained in-house installation staff takes our quality of service VERY seriously. Cables are organised, labelled, and documented; all items are installed and connected to the highest standards; and your home is treated with extraordinary care. We also utilise the latest in audio and video calibration equipment and techniques to satisfy even the most particular of video or audiophiles.

Trade Coordination: We take great pride in attending to details and collaborating with other trades to make certain that our work enhances your home while preserving the craftsmanship, beauty, and functionality provided by your architect, builder, and interior designer.

Service and Support: Providing ongoing support for our clients is a responsibility we take very seriously. As today’s technology changes at an ever increasing rate, our goal is to be your trusted first point of contact. We are here to help, whether you’re upgrading a whole system or just one component. Even the simplest service call or product warranty repair will be handled in a timely and professional manner.

What We Stand For

Our Mission

We improve people’s quality of life through simple, reliable, useful, and enjoyable electronic systems designed, installed, and maintained to the highest standards of quality, service, and value.

Our Vision

To be the most capable, respected, and trusted electronic systems integrator in Texas and beyond – in the eyes of our customers, community, and teammates.


Our Values

Ethics – We ALWAYS operate by the golden rule. Our clients, teammates, strategic partners, and vendors are always treated with impeccable care and respect.

Quality– All of our work will be performed to a level of quality beyond reproach. We take the time and expend the effort to insure maximum reliability and performance of everything we touch.

Family – We are an extended family to each other with a shared destiny, Through victories and challenges alike… we will stand together.

Leadership – We are here to be the best, nothing less. We will never be outworked, and will strive continuously to improve our knowledge, skills , and service delivery.


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